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Why Exhibits

Exhibitions in Asia are one of the fastest growing marketing methods with the unique advantage of placing exhibitors in direct contact with their market. Other marketing options often lack the proactive power of exhibitions. Only exhibitions offer face to face contact with thousands of qualified prospective buyers at one location in a concentrated period of time.

A study of the Asia Exhibition industry reveals some impressive statistics.

  • Over 8000 major exhibitions take place each year

  • The total economic impact of the exhibition industry is almost US$80 billion

  • Approximately 86,000 companies exhibit in exhibitions each year

  • Public and trade exhibitions attract 8 million attendees annually.

If you are currently considering your marketing mix, or want to know more about the power of exhibition marketing, contact EGC and speak to one of our consultants on the benefits of exhibiting in an industry specific event relevant to your business.

Business sponsorship opportunities are welcome at EG Groups Holding


At EG Groups Holding we combine creativity, professionalism and experience as expert organisers of national and international trade shows. Since 1997 we have built a reputation as a leader in the field of exhibition management staging major shows for a diverse range of industries.

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